SIDLAB 4 Release Highlights

SIDLAB 4.3.0 Release Highlights

  1. New Module: Sound Transmission Class (STC) measurement, available in SIDLAB Measurement License.
  2. Calculations through Command Line Interface CLI for SIDLAB Acoustics and Flow.
  3. Licensing improvements.
  4. Automatic updates for new versions.
  5. Updated MATLAB runtime engine to MCR 2019a.
  6. Updated License Agreement.
  7. New Help viewer.
  8. Updates in Simulation and Acquisition Help content.
  9. New measurements tutorial.
  10. Bug fixes.

SIDLAB 4.2.1 Release Highlights

Bug Fixes

  1. A bug fix with the license activation process.

SIDLAB 4.2.0 Release Highlights


  1. Faster start of SIDLAB.
  2. Smoother activation of SIDLAB, enhanced MAC address selection for activation code requests.
  3. Optimized view in the network Tab to better view the properties of the elements.
  4. Better support for Chinese Language.
  5. Better presentation of the Flow results plots.
  6. Easier definition of the location of the receiver position in the High Frequency Analysis with respect to the muffler opening or Grilles and Terminal Diffusers in HVAC applications.
  7. Easier definition of commercial HVAC Grilles and Terminal Diffusers in High Frequency Analysis. Note that you need to check any SIDLAB 4.1 projects that includes Terminal Diffusers when you open them in 4.2
  8. Possibility to define inlet flow in new volume flow rate units such as m3/hr and CFM.
  9. Possibility to define pressures in Inches of Water “inH2O”.
  10. Better definition of the properties of the Fan element.
  11. Updated DAQmx drivers to version 17.1.0 used in SIDLAB Acquisition.
  12. Fixed an issue with plotting the coherence directly after measurements in SIDLAB Acquisition.
  13. Fixed an issue with the location of the pressure taps on the rig dimensions Tab in SIDLAB Acquisition.
  14. Fixed an issue with the last frequency when using the Lined Duct Element.
  15. Fixed an issue with opening SIDLAB project files from Windows Explorer.
  16. Fixed Several Minor Bugs.