Download FNL Manager – Step 1

Step 1: SIDLAB 4 FNL Manager Download

For Floating Network Licenses, there is a license manager which will be installed on a server with a static IP address. After installation, an activation request should be sent to us to generate a license file.

The software itself is installed on any number of client computers. These client computers should have access to the server through the IP address. The client computer checks the license 2 times, when it starts and just before it calculates. This means that you do not need an always active connection.

If you are installing the Manager of a Floating Network License, you will need to download the following files corresponding to your platform. This only applies for the application to be installed on the server and will manage the Floating License.

Windows 64 bit platforms

If you are running 32 bit windows on your server, contact us for a 32 bit version

For Earlier versions

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