Download – step 1

Step 1: SIDLAB 4 Download

Download the two necessary installation files corresponding to your platform from the two options below (32 or 64 bit).

Windows 32 bit platforms

Windows 64 bit platforms

  1. SIDLAB Installation file 4.3.0 – 191208
  2. MATLAB Runtime Engine 2019a from Mathworks website

If you will be running SIDLAB Acquisition, then you need to download the following device drivers and install it separately before installing SIDLAB 4

  1. LABVIEW Device Drivers.
  2. CVI labwindows

SIDLAB can also run under Linux. It has been tested under RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.2, using wine-1.4

Operating system architecture: i386
Operating system version: 2.6.18-92.el5

For Previous versions, Windows 64 bit platforms

  1. SIDLAB Installation file 4.2.1 and MATLAB Runtime Engine 2016b
  2. SIDLAB Installation file 4.2.0
  3. SIDLAB Installation file 4.1.0
  4. SIDLAB Installation file 3.3.5


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