Welcome to the Sound In Ducts Laboratory. SIDLAB is a software for the analysis of sound propagation inside duct systems.


SIDLAB 3.3.5 released, you can try it.

Release Highlights - Download a trial version


Coming Events:

  • Introduction to Contemporary Muffler Design Techniques, SAE 2015 Noise and Vibration Conference and Exhibition, Grand Rapids, MI, USA. More Info.
  • Acoustic Design of Mufflers, 13 Aug 2015, Internoise 2015, San Francisco, USA. More Info.
  • The Acoustics of Muffler Design, 20-22 Oct 2015, VIBRATEC, Munich, Germany. More Info.

SIDLAB (R) is a Registered Trademark

SIDLAB has been approved as a Third-Party product by MathWorks. Check SIDLAB page on MathWorks website.

The development of SIDLAB is partially funded by the RDI Programme, more information.